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We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and vision of sustainable agriculture, to eliminate the

existence of food deserts in urban communities.

Hunger and malnutrition is not just a problem that exists in your neighborhood it is a world problem that exists for one reason are another. We here at A Better Way Community Development Center don profess to be able to solve this problem in its entirety but we do intend and will make a difference within our reach. We are guided by a greater force than the self that always makes the difference and that is just what we intend to do to make a difference.

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Growing to Grow

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A Better Way Community Development Center is committed to fostering partnerships with local farmers.
Through our own sustainable agriculture technique, we can produce clean fruits and vegetables to
nourish our bodies not destroy them. Our produce can be sold in our own Northside open-air markets
there we can sell and trade our goods, recycling our resources keeping your money working for you at
home not aboard in communities that don’t even want you there.

As well as providing classes in nutrition, canning, introduction to the agriculture industry and in the culinary industry along with classes in food preparation for survival. 


We will provide classes in nutrition, canning, food preparation for survival, just for a start. Imparting
self-knowledge is true education. Teaching one of their greatness can open a mind to endless
possibilities. Our classes are only meant to open a door to your future, it starts with awareness and learning
new and better ways of doing things.

Sustainable Agriculture: What We Do

Solar Energy

We offer training and classes for solar energy and wind turbine energy. We are mission driven to provide innovative ways for our community to thrive in health and economically.

Find out more by contacting us.

Sustainable Agriculture: Video
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